P-B-S-02:Mobile Beacon Positioning System

 System Features

  • AI sample comparison algorithm overcomes obstacle interference and accurately judges which compartment it is in
  • Support Android and iOS positioning
  • Provide high CP value positioning Library
  • Logo can be customized to quickly develop new products by ODM
  • Can be applied to store positioning, factory personnel positioning

  • Cinque Terre

     Hardware Device

    E7 Tag


    Bluetooth 5.0
    Size Φ39*15.5mm
    Weight 50g
    Antenna PCB Antenna
    Transmit Frequency From 100ms to 5000ms
    TX Power -40dBm,-20dBm,-16dBm,
    Certified CE,FCC,RoHS,REACH
    Battery CR2477

     Application Context

     Web Function

    Tag Presentation
    (See the location of the Tag on the map, and filter the Tag by condition)
    Prohibited Area
    (Set the forbidden area, if the Tag enters the area, a warning notification will pop up)
    Historical Record
    (Enter the date and time to view the historical records at that time)
    Track Replay
    (Enter the date and time to view the track of the Tag)
    Dwell Time
    (Enter the date and time to view the stay time of the Tag)
    Text and Layer Switching
    (Check the text or layer to display it on the map)