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  • P-Square provides key indoor positioning technologies, including Bluetooth, UWB, WiFi and Camera AI, for Industry 4.0 and IoT. Recently, we have further developed applications related to Apple Airtag 3D PDOA, AGV fleet UWB management, education type AMR, and WiFi positioning standard testing. Key accounts include TSMC, AUO, FPG(Formosa Plastics Group), Advantech, and well-known factories and hospitals.

  • The founder, Dr. Jeremy Kuo, has many years of experience in leading the team of ITRI to develop indoor positioning technology. He has obtained more than 30 patents, and has won awards such as Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer of Electrical Engineering and High-quality Patents of ITRI!

  • P-Square welcomes network companies, robot manufacturer, AGV manufacturers, solution provider, SI , IC design house, wearable hardware manufacturers , venue owners to cooperate with us and create win-win situations!

  • P-Square provides high-precision indoor positioning technology (WiFi/Bluetooth/Beacon/meter-level UWB positioning) and AI smart recognition (license plate recognition, crowd recognition, face recognition), with many years of experience in professional R&D institutions and internationally renowned manufacturers. Applied to: factory equipment management (forklifts, carts, etc.), employee management, industrial safety protection, social distance, motion positioning, vehicle positioning, robot positioning, AGV/AMR positioning, hospital instrument search, construction site personnel safety management, Campus child protection and elderly care and other fields

    P-Square develops high--precision positioning algorithms and has diversified applications and services. It has been tested in many fields, and the positioning effect is better than than inernational competitors.

    We have successful experience in building indoor positioning systems in large international factories and large-scale and difficult fields in various industries, such as: TSMC, Formosa Plastics, Advantech, AUO, hospitals and factories. The large-scale display effect is very good, and we can provide customers with the most attentive and high-quality service.

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    Welcome solution providers, hardware developers, system integrators (SI), agents, dealers, owners, robot manufacturers, hardware developers, APP developers, RFID operators, IPCAM operators, access control security operators, etc., to contact us. Let's work together to move towards smart manufacturing, smart factories, smart hospitals, smart campuses, smart care, smart construction sites, smart vehicles, smart logistics and other fields to create a win-win situation!

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