AI Co-Creation Robot

The robot targets a wide range of services

1. Disability Group

2. General Public

3. Venue Owner

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Innovative Relative Positioning Technology

Location-Based Generative AI Guidance

Open Collaborative Platform with Revenue Sharing

Built-in Assistance for Vulnerable Groups

AI Collaborative Guiding Robot AMR/AGB

Multi-sensor high-precision Navigation

Co-creation open platform

Generative AI customer interaction

High-precision UWB position

Innovative assets tracking

Cargo transportation & personal tracking


Multi-Sensor High-Precision Navigation


RGBD Camera, Infrared, Ultrasound, UWB PDOA, UWB TOA, Dual Lidar

AI Collaborative Guiding Robot is applicable to multiple fields.

Hospital- Bluetooth Physiological Measurement Data Collection/ Real-Time Streaming for Patients Interaction

Shopping mall- Goods transportation、ROI Navigation、Automatic personnel tracking

School- Easy-to-Use Interface、Education & Research

Station- Information retrieval、Directional guidance

Generative AI Voice Interaction

Interactive voice to chat with you and provide guidance!

Interactive voice to chat with you and provide guidance!

Leveraging AI text to generate precise conversations tailored to the specific domain.

Patented technology in location-based conversation generation ensures more accurate response.

Collaborative Open Platform

Easy to develop, easy to reach dreams.

Open platform creates mutual benefits. Global sales, profit sharing.

High-Precision UWB Positioning

Support TOA and PDOA (phase of arrival & phase difference of arrival).

Personnel detection enhances high-precision LBS services.

Assists in Detecting robot positions to reduce interference from dynamic environments, achieving high precision positioning.

Innovative Equipment Detection and Inventory

Can be used to position instruments and help caregivers inventory instruments.

Cargo Transportation & Personal Tracking

Cargo carrying function, like an automatically following shopping cart.

Convenient shopping, freeing consumers’ hands

The two modes of guiding function and following function can be easily switched.

Consumers attracted by other counters can immediately switch from the guiding mode to the following mode.

Real-Time Streaming Interoperability

Health education videos can also be played for patients to practice along with them. The nursing staff will then provide scoring guidance.